Here is why Diligent BOT will be the Best Employee of your Organization.

Being a Salesforce Native Chatbot, Diligent BOT offers a wide range of other exciting features to empower your customer interaction and service.

Real-time responses to customer queries

With Diligent Bot, brands can also eliminate the frustrating waiting times of customers to get the call connected to an executive or get a reply for an important query. Unlike their human counterparts, Diligent Bot never need a break. It can process tons of information and gather insights quickly, resulting in real-time responses.

New channel for Marketers

Diligent Bot is a new channel for marketers to experiment, one which cannot be ignored for sure. Being a new medium, there is also the advantage of less competition and no ad fatigue, unlike social media campaigns, using dynamic catalog like features.

Decorate your Diligent bot to match your brand

Diligent Bot comes with extensive feature of designing the chat window to match their brand. Unlike regular bots, brands can customize the theme of Diligent Bot with engaging personalities.

Information beyond traditional conversations.

Diligent Bot help brands engage more with users beyond the traditional metrics of clicks or conversations. Brands can create a dynamic embedded form in Diligent Bot to engage and get relative information from users as well as share the required information to the users.