Diligent Bot for effective Real Estate and Property management

Get the most intuitive and advanced Salesforce Native Chat Bot that engage, nurture, and convert buyers and sellers into clients. Diligent Bot makes it easy to generate leads and build a pipeline of prospects fast by giving all the information your customers need with proven funnels that engage with leads automatically.
Diligent Bot understands the customers better and they no longer need to spend hours searching for their dream homes.
let Diligent Bot take care of that for you.

Diligent Bot for Buyers and Sellers:

  • List your properties with ease.
  • Easily navigate across properties showcasing in property catalogs
  • Get real time requests and bidding.
  • Easily organize/plan a visit right from the Bot.
  • can understand the user intents with optional AI.
  • Upload property Images/documents without any extra effort.
  • Authenticate the user to avoid spam users.

Diligent Bot for Sales reps and Users:

  • Authenticate sales reps accessing the data.
  • Get real time updates, quick responses to update the customer.
  • Can easily share Knowledge articles or organization wide rules to quickly update the customers.

Diligent Bot for Admins:

  • Get analytics of the deals closed or viewed right from the analytics dashboards.
  • Get to know the trending properties or locations based on user chat history.
  • Analytics of price trends for a property can be analyzed.

Diligent Bot for Agents:

  • Manage opportunities.
  • Get commission history.
  • Real time updates on the prices.