Issues pertaining to manual, paper-based processes and outdated software fall were a never-ending challenge for nonprofits. This issue is one of those that create a ripple effect. Ineffective software reduces the reliability of reporting, harming the overall transparency of a nonprofit, creating additional challenges in growth, funding, and fundraising. The right technology can also create a positive effect. Better communication means more donations, while automation means less reliance on labor. In turn, this leads to faster, less painful growth.

Salesforce Nonprofit cloud capabilities are extremely beneficial to mission-driven organizations. From maintaining strong relationships with constituents to segmenting supporters by issue and interest areas, tracking membership activities, and streamlining the donation process, Salesforce gives nonprofits the power to manage their data confidently and effectively. 

Nonprofit professionals understand the value of every constituent interaction; under constant pressure to lower operating costs while building constituent loyalty, nonprofits can’t afford to miss an opportunity to deepen relationships. Salesforce for nonprofits helps organizations connect all of those relationships so they can better deliver their programs and services, engage their community, and raise more funds. 

Here are the best reasons why Nonprofits loving Salesforce.

Connect Effectively, wherever you are in the world.

It takes a variety of people to make nonprofit work, including stakeholders, board members, grant writers, volunteers and more. For these people, who may not always be in the same place, collaboration is key. Salesforce allows people to gain access to any information they need to, from any location, providing they have an internet connection. Salesforce enables nonprofits to share data more effectively and securely, which invariably leads to increased productivity.  Going digital helps nonprofits reduce their carbon footprint.


It is a core for all nonprofits. Through the nonprofit cloud of Salesforce, organizations can cultivate their client relationships for many years and support their needs as well. It can help them in managing the donor relationship and establish and grow the same as well. It can offer a collaborative, mobile friendly and social environment and experience to the employees and customers with features like volunteer and Event management and Grants Management.


Einstein analytics of Salesforce can add several capabilities to analyze data and identify new and existing opportunities that can help in decision making. Data exploration and quick query across systems can help in accessing desired and expected information quickly. Users can also collaborate and share the information as and when required. It provides the 

Email Marketing

Email is the heart of any Nonprofit’s online fundraising, outreach, and advocacy, so you need to be sure that you get the most out of your efforts. With Salesforce’s powerful email marketing tools like intuitive email builder and dynamic content, you can build tailored, professional-looking emails very quickly. With flexible email scheduling and optimize deliverability with custom email authentication, SPAM analysis, and multivariate testing the impact of your emails increases drastically.

Social Media Engagement

Social has become a new way of sharing what we care about in our personal lives. Joining these conversations will help you foster 1-to-1 engagement, giving you the power to build long-lasting relationships with more people, regardless of time or location. Salesforce allows you to not only identify and participate in the conversations that are shaping your cause, but also to efficiently measure your efforts, show the value of your organization’s investment in social media, and make improvements to your strategy.

Mobile Marketing

Whether it’s at a rally or on the road, connect with your constituents who are on the go. Salesforce allows you to easily create, target, send and track all mobile messaging, including SMS marketing campaigns, push, and email campaigns, so you can deliver the right message at the right time.

Lifecycle Automation

Whether you’re engaging with a prospect or converting one-time donors into life-long advocates, lifecycle marketing and management are vital. And if done right, you can increase engagement, see a lift in member satisfaction and retention, and even experience higher donation rates. Salesforce enables you to achieve all this by using data from any source to automate key lifecycle messages that reach each individual with a personalized message at a time that makes sense for them.

The Game Changer

Open-Source Nonprofit Success Pack

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is a free and open-source donor management app, which is developed and maintained by and supported by a community of employees, partners, and customers. It packs unique features and customizations needed to run many of the nonprofit business processes. For instance, the app encompasses things from Households, Constituents, Organizations, Relationships, Donations and Fundraising to Volunteer Management, with a 360 view of all the relationships a person can have and their impact all in one place. It features over 60 reports and dashboards that allow you to show the impact of your organization to your donors, constituents and board members. You can also take advantage of the AppExchange to add and customize new features specific to your Organizational needs.

Salesforce for Nonprofits does not just make its Salesforce products available to non-profits at a reduced price, but with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), organizations can get up and running real quick. The Salesforce survey reveals that Non-profit organizations using NPSP has resulted in a staggering

  • 22% increase in funds raised
  • 17% increase in constituent retention
  • 23% increase in constituent engagement
  • 52% improvement in operational effectiveness
  • 70% improvement in data quality
  • 91% would recommend Salesforce to other Nonprofits

Open, Flexible Data Architecture

Accelerate your time to impact with NPSP by quickly implementing Salesforce. Easily expand organization-wide and extend your reach with seamless integration with thousands of AppExchange apps or other Salesforce tools such as Marketing Cloud and Pardot.

Key Building Blocks for Constituent and Donor Management

Easily access built-in tools to manage programs, donations, volunteers, and supporters–all in one place. Streamline your fundraising processes around deep donor engagement, not data entry. And confidently manage your mission in real-time with preconfigured yet customizable reports and dashboards.

Global, Community-Powered Movement

Join a trailblazing community of tens of thousands of organizations–and hundreds of thousands of users in over 80 countries–actively sharing best practices and helping improve NPSP by contributing code, documentation, and more. Tap into a vast ecosystem of expert implementation partners that are passionate about helping you become a Connected Nonprofit.

Cloud Management for nonprofits

The value nonprofits get from Salesforce is based mostly on how they maintain and enhance their org over time. And most nonprofit organizations don’t have teams or individuals who are specialized enough to focus on production systems, let alone to handle the 2-3 new releases Salesforce pushes out each year. Many of the technical challenges that nonprofits face when using or moving to Salesforce can be relieved by a managed services provider(MSP). 

Being a Salesforce Native Chatbot, Diligent BOT offers a wide range of other exciting features to empower your customer interaction and service.

Real-time responses to customer queries

With Diligent Bot, brands can also eliminate the frustrating waiting times of customers to get the call connected to an executive or get a reply for an important query. Unlike their human counterparts, Diligent Bot never need a break. It can process tons of information and gather insights quickly, resulting in real-time responses.

New channel for Marketers

Diligent Bot is a new channel for marketers to experiment, one which cannot be ignored for sure. Being a new medium, there is also the advantage of less competition and no ad fatigue, unlike social media campaigns, using dynamic catalog like features.

Decorate your Diligent bot to match your brand

Diligent Bot comes with extensive feature of designing the chat window to match their brand. Unlike regular bots, brands can customize the theme of Diligent Bot with engaging personalities.

Information beyond traditional conversations.

Diligent Bot help brands engage more with users beyond the traditional metrics of clicks or conversations. Brands can create a dynamic embedded form in Diligent Bot to engage and get relative information from users as well as share the required information to the users.

Salesforce, the #1 CRM in the world comes with great native analytics, providing powerful, customizable reports and dashboards. It’s working really well for your team or business.

Why, then, do you need Einstein Analytics when you already have Salesforce reports and dashboards?

If you have to go with higher efforts and expense of adopting Einstein Analytics, you need to know “Why?”. You must understand the differences between Einstein Analytics and your native analytics, and you need to identify your business use case(s), in order to justify the change.

Why do you need Einstein Analytics?


The analytics capability built into Salesforce is powerful and flexible, easy to configure, and simple to learn. It can meet many organizational needs out of the box, and analysts can achieve a great business result with this tool. Salesforce reports and dashboards are always relevant and useful, and they are often the “go to” option for a quick win. This is especially true as Salesforce continues to develop and refine their native analytics.

However, Salesforce analytics is a tool – Einstein Analytics is a platform. There is a fundamental difference between the two, as you will see.


  • Augmented analytics is the future of business insights. Using the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Einstein Analytics brings your data to life in a way that cannot be done manually. It delivers powerful predictive and prescriptive analytics and insights.
  • Einstein Analytics provides a true 360-degree view of your customer that is fast and interactive.
  • Einstein Analytics enables you to take immediate, contextual action on insights to create tasks, open your customer record, chatter to team members, and take action in Salesforce.
  • Einstein Analytics dashboards are embedded on your Customer record, right there in your business process, with any data from Salesforce and other systems.
  • Collaboration – Einstein Analytics turns analytics from a pie chart into a conversation! Charts can be annotated, shared and discussed in moments through a variety of means.
  • It accelerates your adoption of Salesforce and amplifies your ROI to become a true customer-focused, data-driven organization.
  • Einstein Analytics gives Salesforce users the ability to analyze not just Salesforce data but external data as well, taking analytics from just looking at disconnected graphs to a far more meaningful analysis through fully interactive dashboards.
  • With Einstein Analytics, external data can be processed, manipulated, connected and visualized without storing it in your Salesforce org, saving valuable space, and helping to preserve your sanity.
  • Einstein Analytics provides another level of customizability, empowering impressive and engaging visualizations, and enabling company or team branding.
  • Then there is the beautiful and functional mobile app for Einstein Analytics.

  • Einstein Analytics is more of a complete data enterprise solution that is beyond native Salesforce analytics. It is a true business insights platform.
  • Einstein Analytics pages help create experiences that enable people to become productive by starting with data, and visualizing what has changed, without moving the user away from an operational experience. Pages make the analytics experience layered without looking at three-page reports.
  • Trending and waterfall charts! Look back over trends to get insights into how things are changing and why, and drill down as deep as you want, thus overcoming the limitations of the snapshot nature of native reports.
  • Einstein Analytics offers powerful, advanced functions in compare tables that can help you rank, label and manipulate data without needing to create calculated fields, etc.
  • Data recipes, where you can use the intuitive UI to profile and clean data for better use in analytics, harmonizing data across sources, etc.
  • You can combine and analyze objects and fields any way you want in the dataset builder. Say goodbye to just four layers of connectivity!

In Reference with

Get the most intuitive and advanced Salesforce Native Chat Bot that engage, nurture, and convert buyers and sellers into clients. Diligent Bot makes it easy to generate leads and build a pipeline of prospects fast by giving all the information your customers need with proven funnels that engage with leads automatically.
Diligent Bot understands the customers better and they no longer need to spend hours searching for their dream homes.
let Diligent Bot take care of that for you.

Diligent Bot for Buyers and Sellers:

  • List your properties with ease.
  • Easily navigate across properties showcasing in property catalogs
  • Get real time requests and bidding.
  • Easily organize/plan a visit right from the Bot.
  • can understand the user intents with optional AI.
  • Upload property Images/documents without any extra effort.
  • Authenticate the user to avoid spam users.

Diligent Bot for Sales reps and Users:

  • Authenticate sales reps accessing the data.
  • Get real time updates, quick responses to update the customer.
  • Can easily share Knowledge articles or organization wide rules to quickly update the customers.

Diligent Bot for Admins:

  • Get analytics of the deals closed or viewed right from the analytics dashboards.
  • Get to know the trending properties or locations based on user chat history.
  • Analytics of price trends for a property can be analyzed.

Diligent Bot for Agents:

  • Manage opportunities.
  • Get commission history.
  • Real time updates on the prices.

Diligent Bot service empowers healthcare organizations to build an AI-powered, compliant and conversational healthcare experience at scale. Diligent BOT combines built-in medical intelligence with natural language capabilities, extensibility tools and compliance constructs on commands supported by Live Agent, allowing healthcare organizations such as Providers, Payers, Pharma, HMOs, Telehealth to give people access to trusted and relevant healthcare services and information.

Below are just some of the capabilities and functions that Diligent Bot can perform or facilitate, specifically in healthcare sector.

Diligent Bot for Patients and Customers:

  • Effortless patient registration process with Dynamic embedded forms.
  • Real-time clinical information like test results, prescription refills etc.
  • Scheduler to ease the appointment booking.
  • Ability to upload/download Medical imaging, Test reports and Billing documents.
  • Assisted or automated diagnosis & prescription using AI and Live agent.

Diligent Bot for Sales reps and Users:

  • Accurate information sharing with Secured authorizations.
  • Lightning quick Bot for easy interactions within organizations.
  • Seamless employee management using Diligent Bot.

Diligent Bot for Admins:

  • Unlimited dynamic Configuration of commands.
  • Smart analytics and dashboard to analyze every interaction happened.
  • Ability to Customize the theme of Diligent Bot.