A Salesforce Native Chatbot for Effective Patient Care

Diligent Bot service empowers healthcare organizations to build an AI-powered, compliant and conversational healthcare experience at scale. Diligent BOT combines built-in medical intelligence with natural language capabilities, extensibility tools and compliance constructs on commands supported by Live Agent, allowing healthcare organizations such as Providers, Payers, Pharma, HMOs, Telehealth to give people access to trusted and relevant healthcare services and information.

Below are just some of the capabilities and functions that Diligent Bot can perform or facilitate, specifically in healthcare sector.

Diligent Bot for Patients and Customers:

  • Effortless patient registration process with Dynamic embedded forms.
  • Real-time clinical information like test results, prescription refills etc.
  • Scheduler to ease the appointment booking.
  • Ability to upload/download Medical imaging, Test reports and Billing documents.
  • Assisted or automated diagnosis & prescription using AI and Live agent.

Diligent Bot for Sales reps and Users:

  • Accurate information sharing with Secured authorizations.
  • Lightning quick Bot for easy interactions within organizations.
  • Seamless employee management using Diligent Bot.

Diligent Bot for Admins:

  • Unlimited dynamic Configuration of commands.
  • Smart analytics and dashboard to analyze every interaction happened.
  • Ability to Customize the theme of Diligent Bot.