What is Diligent Bot?

Diligent Bot is a Native Salesforce
Application developed to combine the power of
Salesforce CRM with Chat, AI capabilities. It is designed
to Automate the redundant customer support process
with Easy configurable Interface.

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NOTE: No Coding required to configure Diligent Bot
Why Diligent BOT?

Easy Customizable Interface

With Diligent Bot, customizing your Bot is easy, just with few clicks you are ready to setup your Bot.

Powered by Machine Learning

Diligent Bot is empowered by Google Dialog flow
NLP to best carry effective conversation with customers effectively and smoothly.Diligent Bot can be customized to integrate with any NLP or AI service to better understand the users input.

Multiple Content-Type Support

Diligent Bot Supports various content types along with simple conversations like

  • Text messages
  • Dynamic embedded forms for DML operations.
  • Multimedia Upload/Downloads.

Available 24*7 & Live Agent Transfer

Diligent Bot is available for the support 24*7 that can collect pre-engagement user details and transfer the conversation from the Chatbot to a live team member and pass key information about the conversation

Multi-Channel Support

Diligent Bot can be deployed across multiple channels like your

  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • Mobile app
  • Salesforce Lightning and Classic
  • Salesforce Communities


Diligent Bot protects all customer sensitive Information with inbuilt customizable authentication setup which comes with secured connections and encrypted scripts.

Chat History and Analytics

Use of AI/NLP is all about training your Dataset. Diligent Bot comes with in-built features such as

  • Conversation history
  • Analytics

So you can customize for expected inputs for a better experience every time.

Many Other Exciting Features

Salesforce Knowledge Integration.
Salesforce Calendar Integration.
Auto Reminders and many more…

Diligent Bot just
for your Requirement

So, with the features given there are lot more that we can show you ,how easy it is to get it done with our Diligent Bot. Please contact us if you have any custom requirements we will be happy to customize the bot just for your need.

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